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Modern Farmhouse Design Exterior Finishes with Corrugated Metal Panels

A farmhouse is a type of house that is typically found in rural or agricultural areas. It is often a large, single-story dwelling that is designed to accommodate the needs of a farming family, with spacious rooms and a layout that is optimized for practicality and functionality. Farmhouses may also have a number of outbuildings, such as barns, sheds, and other structures used for storing equipment and animals.

Many farmhouses are designed in a traditional style, with a gabled roof, large windows, and a porch or veranda. However, farmhouses can also be designed in a variety of other styles, including modern, contemporary, and even minimalist.

Farmhouse design is a style of architecture and interior design that is inspired by the traditional and rustic appearance of a farmhouse. This style is characterized by a casual, comfortable, and homey atmosphere, and it often incorporates natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick, as well as elements of country living, such as exposed beams, shiplap walls, and distressed finishes.

Farmhouse design often incorporates open floor plans and large, welcoming porches or balconies, as well as functional features such as mudrooms and pantries. The color palette for farmhouse design tends to be neutral and earthy, with pops of color added through accessories and decor.

We will analyze a beautiful country house that combines modern materials with native ones in its structure. This type of so many houses can also be seen in Pakistan Lahore Smart City.

The house has three bedrooms and a social area that has the best views of the outside. Discover below the design of Mariana Palacios.

Main and Side Facades of the House

Rectangular volumes clad with corrugated metal panels together with materials such as stone form a harmonious ensemble that integrates with the natural environment.

Fig: Roof and Front view of modern house

The outdoor dining room with BBQ has an interesting proposal for the design of the roof. Steel frames have been combined with organic materials such as cane or bamboo. Alternatively, you can review a country house made with native materials to expand this design concept.

Outside dining room with barbecue area

View of the main access

Side volumes of rural housing

Right profile of the house

Detail of corrugated metal panels applied on facades

Modern Country House Floor Plan

Floor plan – area 197 m²

The plan clearly distinguishes two areas, on the right, the social area made up of the living room (2), dining room (2), and kitchen, designed in a spacious environment with beautiful views to the outside; On the left, we can see the private area with three bedrooms, the main one (8) has a bathroom included, the two secondary bedrooms (10 and 11) share a bathroom (12) located in the passageway.

On the main north façade, there is a viewpoint terrace (7), and to the side, an outdoor dining room that is widely used in country houses. In this design, a space for a BBQ or grill has been created.

The house has an interior patio (5) and an exterior patio (14) that fulfill a decorative and functional function by providing light to the paths of the private area.

key elements of Farmhouse

If you’re interested in incorporating farmhouse design into your home, some key elements to consider include:
• Exposed beams and wood ceiling trusses
• Shiplap walls
• Reclaimed wood or barn wood accents
• Natural stone or brick fireplace surrounds
• Large, functional porches or balconies
• Farmhouse-style furniture, such as plank-style tables and chairs, and upholstered sofas and chairs with slipcovers
• Neutral color palette with pops of color through accessories and decor
• Rustic or vintage-inspired lighting fixtures
• Natural materials, such as wool or sisal rugs, and cotton or linen window treatments
Keep in mind that farmhouse design is a broad term, and there are many variations on the theme. You can tailor the style to your personal preferences and incorporate elements that are meaningful to you.

Section Plans, Elevations and General Floor Plan

elevation plans

Elevation plans of a one-story house

cutting planes

Location map


Home Interior Design

kitchen design with island

The interior is equipped with simple wooden furniture in a natural tone. We see a stone veneer wall next to the kitchen that has the same color tones as the rocks that form the natural landscape where the construction is located.

Dining room view

The social area conveniently oriented to the north (house located in Córdoba – Argentina, that is, in the southern hemisphere) has excellent natural lighting and allows for the best views of the outside thanks to a large screen window with access to the terrace – viewpoint:

Full view of the social area

You may also be interested in the section: Country houses, where you will learn about other types of structures and construction materials that will surely inspire you in design.

Farmhouse Design concept

Farmhouse design is a classic and timeless style of interior design. It incorporates natural materials and rustic elements, such as distressed wood, stone, and metal. The use of warm, neutral colors and cozy, comfortable furniture pieces give the space an inviting, homey feeling. This look is perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your home. If you’re looking to give your home a farmhouse style, consider adding elements such as a shiplap wall, vintage furniture pieces, and simple, yet elegant light fixtures. The goal is to create a space that’s inviting and warm, but still has an air of sophistication. With the right balance of rustic and modern, you can create a farmhouse design that’s perfect for your home.

Modern Three Bedroom Farmhouse Design

Thank you for your request for modern farmhouse style three-bedroom designs! We’d be happy to provide some suggestions. When it comes to modern farmhouse designs, the key is to maintain a rustic charm while incorporating modern elements into the design. We suggest using reclaimed wood for the walls and floors, and incorporating natural stone elements like river rocks, or white brick for the fireplace. For furniture, choose pieces that are both stylish and comfortable, like a cozy armchair or a shabby chic sofa. Add touches of modern style like metallic accents, industrial lighting, and updated appliances. Finally, make sure to bring in plenty of natural elements like wood, greenery, and light fabrics. We hope this helps to get you started on your modern farmhouse three bedroom design!

Exterior Finishes with Corrugated Metal Panels in farmhouse

Hi there! Corrugated metal panels can be a great choice for exterior finishes on a farmhouse. They are a durable, low-maintenance material that can add rustic charm to any home. To make sure that the panels are properly installed, it is important to make sure that they are properly sealed and caulked. Additionally, it may be beneficial to use a sealant or primer to prevent the metal from rusting too quickly. If you are looking for a way to add some extra character to your home, you can paint the panels in a variety of colors or even use a faux finish to give it a unique look. Thank you for your question and I hope this information is helpful!

Main and Side Facades of the HouseMain and Side Facades of the House

I would be happy to help you out with your request for the main and side facades of the house. I’ve included a few images below. The first image is of the main facade, while the second and third images are of the two side facades. I hope these images are helpful to you .

Modern Country House Floor Plan

I can suggest a few options for modern country house floor plans. One option is to use an open floor plan that combines kitchen, living, and dining areas. This creates a large and inviting space where family and friends can gather. You could also opt for a split level design, which allows different areas of the house to be divided up into separate floors. Additionally, you could use a mix of traditional and modern elements to create a unique look. For example, you could combine stone walls, wood floors, and contemporary fixtures and appliances to create an eye-catching design. Finally, you could consider building an outdoor space such as a patio or deck, which can provide a great area for entertaining. modern farmhouse

A modern farmhouse is a style of home that combines traditional elements of rural farmhouses with modern, contemporary elements. It typically features a simple and inviting exterior with a symmetrical design, gabled roof, and large windows. The interior is usually open-plan, with exposed beams and a neutral palette. Often, modern farmhouse design incorporates natural materials such as wood, stone, and wool, as well as modern amenities like stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and lots of storage. This style of home is perfect for those looking for a cozy, rustic feel with a touch of modern elegance.

Uses of farmhouse

Farmhouses can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a residence, an office, a storage facility, a workshop, a restaurant, a museum, or a bed and breakfast. They can also be used as a venue for special events, like weddings, corporate retreats, or family reunions. Farmhouses can even be used as a place for agricultural activities, such as growing crops, raising livestock, or running a farm stand.

Advantages of farmhouse

Farmhouses offer a variety of advantages! One advantage is that they often provide a peaceful and tranquil living environment, as they’re usually located in rural areas with plenty of open space and nature nearby. They can be great for families as they provide plenty of room to grow and to have plenty of outdoor activities. Farmhouses also offer a unique style of living that is often very charming and traditional. They generally have much more character than modern homes and can be a great way to express your personal style in your home. Finally, they often have a great amount of land that can be used for gardening or other hobbies.

disadvantages of farmhouse

One of the main disadvantages of farmhouses is the cost of maintaining them. Farmhouses can be expensive to maintain due to the large size of the building and the need for regular repairs. Additionally, the cost of utilities and services, such as electricity and water, can be high. Another disadvantage is the risk of damage from natural elements, such as storms, floods, and fires. Farmhouses are often located in remote areas, making them more vulnerable to these risks. Finally, privacy can be an issue for some, as farmhouses are often located in open, rural areas.

Cost of farmhouse in america

The cost of a farmhouse in America can vary greatly, depending on many factors such as the size, location, and condition of the farmhouse. Generally, the cost of a farmhouse in the United States ranges from $90,000 to several million dollars. Factors such as the size and number of bedrooms, the acreage of the land, and the age of the home can all affect the price. You should research the area you are interested in and speak to a local realtor to get a better sense of the cost of a farmhouse in that area.

materials use in farmhouse

Farmhouses typically use a variety of materials for their construction, such as stone, brick, wood, and even metal. Depending on the style and location of the farmhouse, you may also see a variety of roofing materials like asphalt shingles, slate, clay tiles, or metal. Inside, you can find wooden floors, ceilings, and furniture, as well as a variety of fabrics for upholstery. Natural materials like stone, wood, and clay are also often used for decorations and accents.

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